IT Beheer Netwerk Management: The Continuity Of An Organization

IT Beheer netwerk management is the core of every organization: it determines the productivity of each employee, the quality of their work and efficiency of work every day.

IT Beheer manager of believes that every organization should have access to the best IT management solutions that are available today.

The increasing speed of contemporary ICT develops every organization would have in-house expertise necessary to be able to jump to the wishes and needs of both their employees and clients. administrators have the actual knowledge that we can provide industry-specific IT Management solutions and improvements of your organization.

One point of contact for your IT Netwerk Management

Often it happens that the system is not available, just at that one moment when one needs the system. We avoid this because our systems department consists of teams of IT specialists which always immediately before you are ready. These multidisciplinary IT Netwerk Management Teams consist entirely of certified system containing a large number of specialties. As a customer of IT Solutions you are always a fixed point of which 24/7 accessible to all your questions or solutions to your problems.

IT Management and workplaces

The management of the network, servers and workstations conduct our system both on location and at a distance from. All work is documented in our customer portal, so you always have a clear understanding of completed and current work.

IT netwerk Management, servers, workstations and support to all employees is crucial to the continuity of the organization. Therefore, system administrators manage and monitor our infrastructure so that every employee can make a fast network, use at any time optimally performing daily servers and professional workstations.

Always the fastest response

Besides the fact that we find it important to after work and on weekends to be reachable find the speed even more important. Our IT netwerk management subscriptions therefore come standard with a 4 hour response time and are upgradeable to a 1 hour response time. This is your personal team within 4 or 1 hour on site in case of emergencies.

24/7 Support

For each IT netwerk management plan we supply a 24/7 contract, because we find that IT managers should always be accessible when you need them.

Within the team of IT administrators assigned to your organization, there is always a team member at night and weekends available for you to speak to you and help in emergencies

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