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Improve Engine Performance With Tubi Style Ferrari Exhaust Manifolds

Tuning the exhaust system of the car - it is not only the appearance of the decoration and changes the sound of the muffler. Tuning exhaust system allows to solve several problems. Namely:

  • Increase the power, allowing you to become faster.
  • Change the sound of the exhaust, increase your visibility on the road.
  • Improve the appearance of the car, making it more vivid and interesting.

Tuning of exhaust system can optimize the operation of the engine and add a few extra ponies under the hood of your steel horse. However, before to start tuning, it is good to study the work of Ferrari Exhaust System in detail, because it has a very complex mechanism and everything is interconnected. In short, the in-depth study is necessary for several reasons:

1. Firstly, the whole procedure is expensive and complicated, because you need to synchronize the operation of the intake system, the engine, and exhaust system.

2. Second, changes in the muffler will be effective only when you make similar changes to the work of the other items above.

Before everything else, it is important to get a closer look at the structure and function of the exhaust system, the whole systems associated inlet or air injection and fuel injection. Powerful into this subject and to imagine the grouping of the interaction of these systems, you will automatically recognize its role. Logically, you need to be clearly recognized what changes entail a positive increase in power.

The design of TUBI exhaust system

The modern exhaust system basically consists of the following structural elements:

  • The outlet valve (adjusts the phase of the exhaust)
  • The catalyst (switch harmful substances)
  • The oxygen sensor (oxygen sensor, controls the composition of the exhaust)
  • Exhaust Pipe (connects the basic elements)
  • Additional silencer
  • The main silencer (acoustic muffling the exhaust sound)
  • Reflector (“spider" in front of the exhaust pipe)

Layout of TUBI exhaust pipes on the 2 sides

Pin 2 of the muffler will allow to transform the appearance and, at the same time, increase the capacity of the car. The layout makes the sound muffler and velvety soft. Some motorists even make an imitation of the second exhaust pipe. It is cheaper, but has no effect, other than aesthetic.

Installation of direct-flow mufflers

Once-through mufflers are popular among some motorists. So current regeneration has the form of a cylinder, inside which is placed a perforated tube surrounded by a layer of basalt wool. Installing "Tubi Exhaust" ramjet muffler will increase the engine power and create a dense velvety sound that is a little louder than a conventional muffler.

Function of the exhaust system in the car

· The work of the catalyst in conjunction with one or two lambda probes directed to the reduction of the exhaust gasses toxicity.

· Noise is one of the main functions of the muffler, so it is designed to provide comfort for the vehicle driver, passengers, other road users and people on the streets. As the power of the vehicle depends on the work of its exhaust system

Vehicle power depends on the amount and quality of fuel in the engine. Moving from the top to the bottom dead center, each cylinder is filled with a mixture of fuel and air, which directly affects the consistency of the pressure in the intake and exhaust systems. Definitely, the higher the intake pressure mechanism and lower the pressure in the exhaust manifold, the greater would be the mixture in the working cylinder and the more powerful engine. Regarding tuning of the exhaust system or exhaust repairs - everything that could obstruct the exhaust can limit the vehicle performance.

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Buy Porsche Macan Miami: Technology Behind The Luxury Car

There can be a lot of reasons why buy Porsche. Continue reading more about Porsche Macan Miami - a luxury can. Every car manufacturer makes it a point that the cars that they build are a lot more outstanding than others in terms of design and engineering. This is what makes a car brand different from each other. Every brand has its own style that people can identify. And every time they see a unique car, they just know that it is Porsche.

Porsche Macan Miami​


A Porsche has always been in fashion. Functionality and appearance are very important in these types of cars. They are popular for their beauty and comfort. People buy Porsche simply because of its unique style and design. The way it looks and the features that come along with every model that they build really makes it stand out from the rest. It never fails to fascinate people.


In terms of quality, these cars never disappoint customers. Using raw materials of the best quality, they make it a point to make driving more comfortable and the driving experience perfect as always. Check this article for further tips to Find The Best Deal to Buy Porsche Macan Miami


Porsche builds every car using the best and the latest technology. Over the years they continue to innovate and develop cars with improved facilities and performance. They make it a point the car becomes more reliable and easy to handle.


Luxury cars have the best equipment in terms of safety features. Each car is equipped with the latest and up to date features to make driving more comfortable, safer and more fun than ever.


The excellent interiors add up to the luxury and comfort that every Porsche car can provide. It makes every driver feel like he doesn’t want to get off the car anymore. Comfortable seats, excellent upholstery, seat colors and top of the line accessories is what you can find inside every Porsche car. For further read check this article about Porsche Cayman Miami

Resale value

Porsche cars have high resale value. And the only way to keep that resale value is to keep the car properly maintained. Taking care of such an expensive property will definitely help you a lot, if ever you decide to sell it when the need arises. You won’t be losing much of your investment.

To buy Porsche is definitely not an easy decision to make. There can be lots of luxury cars out there, but there can only be one Porsche. Unique and definitely the best of its kind. Get one, and surely it will provide you the best qualities and features that you want your car to have. The cars that they build has been tested through time. And as they continue to improve their products, they only deliver the best and the perfect ones. More than a hundred years of experience will speak for the car itself. Having been in business for such a long time, Porsche must be really something. There is nothing like a Porsche.

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