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Have you always aspired to turn the Android phone into more helpful and stronger device? The Android app reviews demonstrate that having the free apps for the Android phone may help you out with it. Android Companies are basically a web based software store that is produced for the Android devices by Google. Print SMS from Android iPhone also proves to be paramount, especially when it comes to important messages because everyone knows that it is always better to possess a paper proof.

Among other things, we do not know the time, the moment when our iPhone will stop working, so it is better to print the important data from time to time.​

Some iPhone users choose to take a screenshot of their SMS, and then print them: this is useful in some way, but the files will be saved as an image. Besides this, there are many ways to print messages. Take a look at the article below and then decide which one suits you the most to Print SMS from Android.​

Three methods to Print SMS from Android iPhone

Method 1: Use Apowersoft Smartphone Manager

Apowersoft Smartphone Manager is an application that is compatible with all iOS or Android. This tool helps users to easily manage all iPhone files, including exporting SMS as an Excel file. Once the iPhone is connected to the application, all messages that users want to print will be organized immediately by name, date, and type.​

Steps on how to print SMS from the iPhone using this tool.​

  • Go to the product sheet and click on the "Download" button. Install and launch the application. A short time is enough to complete the entire installation process.
  • Connect the iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. On your phone, you will see a pop-up window asking you to connect to the PC: simply click on "Trust" to proceed to the next step. Different icons are displayed at the top of the main interface.
  • Click on "Messages" so that you can see all the SMS on your iPhone. Then select all the messages you want to print and click "Export", then choose "File in Excel".
  • Save the file in Excel on your computer. Open it and then print it by pressing the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + P". You can also preview the file before printing it.

Moreover, this tool can also access all the files of your iPhone, including importing and exporting videos on iPhone without iTunes, music files, images, applications etc. The change of the wallpaper and the creation of ringtone are also available.

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Method 2: Tipard iPhone Manager for SMS

This tool is also designed to backup and print iPhone SMS. Like the first option, it allows you to export messages to the computer so that users can print them. In addition, messages are only exported as word or image files. Once exported as a word file, the messages will not be properly organized. In addition, this tool cannot read SMS under devices running with iOS 8 and above. To use it, you need to follow these steps:​

  • Download, install and launch the software on your computer. Connect the iPhone to the PC via a USB cable. Click "Trust" when a pop-up window appears.
  • Click the message, then click "Copy" at the bottom of the interface. All the SMS messages stored on your iPhone are displayed on the computer screen.
  • Select the text format, then click "Next"> "Start Copying". Save the file to your computer and then print it.

IPhone users can now easily export and print iPhone SMS.VMSG files from your mobile. All of the aforementioned means are useful, but it is recommended to use one that can access all other phone files: SMS EasyReader&Printer to Print SMS from Android, is the best Smartphone Manager provides the necessary functionality for this.

Having good and useful apps within the Android phone is a superb opportunity which nobody really wants to overlook. In accordance to the Print SMS from android app reviews the SMS EasyReader&Printer in fact functions a good deal quicker than the other competitors app in the Android.

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